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We’re Not What You Expect. We’re Better.

COS Phones began with one man’s unstoppable passion in 2005. Now it’s one of the leading reverse logistics companies in the world and growing.

Who We Are

At heart, we are a loyal team of people devoted to creating sustainable solutions and relationships. We do everything with integrity, outpacing all industry standards for value, service, and reliability.

That doesn’t mean it’s been easy. But our way of doing business is deeply rewarding. We make it much easier for our clients to succeed in a complex and volatile industry. And we never forget that we are ultimately helping people, not just moving product.

Where We Are

From our headquarters in Union, New Jersey, we manage a thriving global distribution network for high-end and low-end mobile products, including over ~1000 retail points of presence in emerging markets.

COS Phones is going places. In 2017 alone, we generated nearly $100M in revenue from sales of 12 million devices and accessories. And we continue to grow 75%, year on year, with no debt.


Jerry Abramov

Founder, Chairman, & CEO

“My world revolves around my family, COS Phones, and the amazing team we have created along the way.”

Jerry left Toronto for New York City at age 25 with $120 in his pocket, a passion for building relationships, and the car that he lived in for six weeks. That was in 2005. Within a year he formed COS Phones, which is now one of the world’s leading reverse logistics companies based in North America.

Today, Jerry still works tirelessly to deepen the service commitment, integrity, and relationships that make COS Phones uniquely successful. He also lends his support to many charitable causes, and sits on the Board of Directors for Curing Kids Cancer.

NOTE: If you know Jerry, you know there’s more to his story. From a major reversal of fortune to a hard-won fresh start and a fleet of Ferraris, it’s a good, inspiring read.

Sandra Dever

Chief Revenue Officer

Sandra is a veteran of the wireless industry with over 10 years of valuable experience. In that time, she has worked with a range of clients and customers from carrier level to the individual retail operations. In her tenure she has done carrier level refurbishing, supply channels, reverse logistics, company purchasing, e-commerce, and re-commerce.

Harsh Shah

Vice President of Sales

Harsh is our resident rock star, owning the responsibilities of running our entire sales division. As an established industry leader, he provides key pricing and market insights for our numerous global clients and customer base. Sourcing new revenue opportunities and growing these channels in a niche market is not only his expertise, but his passion.

Sabrina Ball

Director of Operations

Sabrina keeps COS Phones running like a well-oiled machine. From coordinating shipments to handling human resources, she’s our behind-the-scenes miracle—and naturally our first choice to manage operations.

Robert Smith

Director of Accounting

Rob started out as one of our intake team members, but soon showed exceptional skill in handling complex financial situations. Not only is he a gifted accountant, he’s a true “people person”—a great fit for our upper management team.

Advisory Board

Glenn Lurie

CEO and Board of Directors Member, Synchronoss Technologies


Glenn has shaped groundbreaking telecommunications and wireless developments throughout his career. His 30 years’ experience and roles include:

  • President and Chief Executive Officer of AT&T’s Mobility and Consumer Operations
  • Leading AT&T’s negotiations with Apple to introduce the first iPhone and iPad
  • Integrating AT&T’s DirecTV and the company’s digital business
  • Building IoT business, Digital Life, and Aio Wireless (now Cricket) for AT&T
  • Driving sales at McCaw Cellular, wireless pioneer acquired by AT&T in 1994


In addition to his current Synchronoss Technologies roles, Glenn has served as chairman of the board for the Consumer Technology Industry Association (2016). He also serves on the Delphi Technology Advisory Council. He is an executive advisory board member of Curing Kids Cancer and the board of the Atlanta Concorde Fire Soccer Club.

Notable Achievements

  • Named one of 10 #MobileGameChangers by Russell Reynolds Associates (2014)
  • Named one of the Global Telecom Business “Power 100” (several years)
  • Wireless Week’s Telecom Leadership Award (2010)
  • Atlanta Telecom Professional of the Year Award (2009)
  • BA in Business/Marketing from Seattle Pacific University

Tim Harden

President and CEO of T6 Enterprises Operations and Supply Chain Consulting


For over 30 years, Tim has influenced and experienced the rapid developments of the communications industry. His 33 years in executive roles at AT&T and its predecessors include:

  • President of AT&T’s Worldwide Supply Chain (most recent)
  • President and CEO of AT&T West
  • President of network services for AT&T Southwest, President of Data and Network Services for SBC Operations
  • President of SBC Telecom, Inc.
  • President and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Telesis Business Systems
  • Chief Operating Officer of Pacific Bell’s Advanced Communications Network
  • Senior VP—Network Engineering and Planning of SBC Data Services

Other Leadership Roles

Tim currently provides strategic input to decision makers at two Silicon Valley startups and several industry advisory boards. He twice served as Chairman of the QuEST Forum Executive Board, and is also a member of Supply Chain 50 and Supply Chain World. Additionally, Tim serves on the board of directors for the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame, San Francisco.

Notable Achievements

  • US Navy Officer
  • Captain in the USN Reserve (retired)
  • Named scholar athlete and one of nine Distinguished Americans, National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame
  • Associate Professor, University of Utah

Danny Bowman

Wireless Industry Veteran and Board Advisor


As an accomplished C-suite with 25+ years in the wireless industry, Danny has managed large organizations and multi-million/billion dollar budgets; engaged in global multicultural collaboration; and fostered innovation combining technology, process, and human behavior. His roles include senior positions at:

  • Cellular One
  • Nextel
  • Sprint
  • Samsung
  • LeEco North America

Other Leadership Roles

Danny serves on the advisory boards of Mobile Posse in Washington D.C, Pervacio in Dallas, Texas, and CyberCar in Denver, Colorado.

Notable Achievements

  • Executive MBA, Olin Business School, Washington University
  • Executive Leadership Certificate, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University
  • BA in Business, Evangel University

Brian Linver

Founding Partner, Pinnacle Marketing Group (PMG)


Brian applies proven strategic thinking and blue-sky creative ideas to craft results-oriented marketing plans. He brings deep experience from over 30 years in the industry, creating innovative campaigns and building solid partner relationships to drive increased penetration and revenue. His leading roles in marketing and the wireless space include:

  • AT&T Wireless, Senior Director of Equipment Marketing, responsible for cooperative marketing budgets in excess of $200 Million annually
  • First Lexington Corporation, VP Sports Marketing
  • Ogilvy & Mather, Senior Account Executive

Other Leadership Roles

Brian cofounded PMG, a content marketing agency focused on technology, with Kim Charlton in 2003 and grew their client list to include Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Samsung, ZTE, Verizon, AT&T, and many more.

Notable Achievements

  • Pioneered award winning co-marketing programs with partners like MTV, Disney, and the NFL, alongside leading manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola, and Sony
  • Started Pinnacle Sports Network – a sports marketing agency designed to increase participation and excitement for youth athletics
  • BA in business, University of Texas, Austin

Jerry Abramov

Founder, Chairman
and CEO of COS Phones

“I wanted more.”

Jerry Abramov is an unusual—and unusually inspiring—success story. Born in Hadera Israel, Jerry immigrated to Canada at the age of 9. He dropped out of high school in Toronto, and owned his first business by age 18.

“By the time I left Canada, I had started multiple businesses,” he says, “but I wanted more.”

Jerry left for the U.S., eventually landing in Brooklyn, New York. “I had $120 in my pocket and lived in my car.” That was in 2005. Within a year, he formed COS Phones.

“Nobody believed. But I never stopped when people laughed at me.”

Before he launched his business, though, he learned the hard way, in a job selling phones online. In just a few weeks, he landed a contract worth $30M—his first big break. Except it wasn’t.

“I opened the door, I made the deal, but when it was done, I got nothing. I lived in my car for seven months. Nobody’s believing in Jerry here, guys, nobody’s giving me money, and I got down to 128 lbs. I lived in the worst part of Brooklyn, there were gunshots five nights a week.

“My inspiration, my motivation, is people.”

Soon Jerry found a warehouse and moved his sofa into it while building his business. “I slept on that sofa for 2 years,” he says. “I couldn’t pay people full time for a while. One guy working in the warehouse, Paul, said, ‘I trust you, I believe in you,’ even though I couldn’t pay him at that time. I paid him back, and he has been working with me for over 10 years. He brought loyalty, honesty, and patience to the table, the things money can’t buy.

“It was never about the money. Still not. My inspiration, my motivation is people. That’s what defines where I’m going in life. If I was all about money, I would have bought a nice house and expensive things. I never left that warehouse until we had to move out to a bigger facility.”

“I couldn’t put together a dollar for the dollar menu.”

Jerry’s real break came in the form of an investment that took all the money he had: $20,000, for 160,000 chargers. “I starved for two and a half days, couldn’t put a dollar together for the dollar menu. I never knew what anxiety and panic attacks were until then.”

But he’d bought Samsung chargers that fit nine different models, and sold them for $236,000.

“I start today. I don’t wait for one day.”

Jerry’s business went from strength to strength after that, but that’s not to say it’s been easy. “The industry was very young when I came in; carriers had 5-10 buyers, and the aftermaket was just emerging. Inventory is now in the billions, and there were guys who couldn’t cope with the changes.

“You have to be able to accept and understand change. I’ve been able to survive through understanding, and communication.”

“Nobody works for me, they work with me.”

Integrity and communication play central, everyday roles in the success of COS Phones.

“It’s all about how you relate along the way,” Jerry says. “I go into the office and tell people I respect them and appreciate them, to inspire people to be good. You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.”

“Integrity comes from telling people you care, they exist, you know they’re there, and we’re there for them. That’s not just to help us grow, but help grow strategic partners.”

Today, Jerry still works tirelessly to deepen the service commitment, integrity, and relationships that make COS Phones uniquely successful. He also lends his support to many charitable causes, and sits on the Board of Directors for Curing Kids Cancer.

And yes…he does have several Ferraris. Not bad for a guy who once lived in a 1992 Acura.